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The Coalition To Defend Free Speech

                        American Jewish Congress is a founding Member of the Coalition To Defend Free Speech                          

More Information about The Coalition To Defend Free Speech Visit 

 Coalition Groups & Individuals

American Jewish Congress


American Values

National Assembly of the Bahais of the U.S


The Becket Fund for
Religious Liberty

Democracy Coalition Project 

Freedom House  

International Quranic Center 

Mr. Floyd Abrams
Honorary Chair


Dr. Morton Halperin

The Rutherford Institute 



Mission Statement

The Coalition to Defend Free Speech was formally launched on October 2, 2008 to counter attacks against freedom of expression as part of an international movement to restrict, and in some cases criminalize, speech that is deemed critical or “defamatory” of religions. 

The Coalition will undertake activities to promote the following principles:

Any attempt to limit or criminalize speech under the vague definition of “defamation” of religions is an unnecessary and a dangerous violation of universal freedoms of expression and belief.

International law has been established for the primary purpose of protecting individuals and groups, rather than ideas or beliefs, from discrimination and abuse.

All Faiths, beliefs and ideas must by their very nature be open to debate, discussion, and even criticism.  This does not violate the rights of individuals and groups to espouse their faiths, beliefs and ideas  

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More Information about The Coalition To Defend Free Speech Visit