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About Us


The American Jewish Congress is an association of Jewish Americans organized to defend Jewish interests at home and abroad through public policy advocacy - using diplomacy, legislation, and the courts. 


Jack Rosen, president

Richard Gordon, chairman

Bruce Blakeman, vice president

Herb London, vice president

Ben Chouake, secretary

Eli Verschleiser, treasurer


Felix Aisen

Leo Bard

Morty Davis

Gil Kapen

Munr Kazmir

John Kruger

Michael Melnicke

Alan Pines

Gary Ratner

Daniel Rosen

Jordan Rosen

Henry Smith

Vivien Weissman-Howard



Among our most important current projects are:



Advocacy for the safety and security  of Israel - including upgrading  Israel's role in NATO


Leading the fight against terrorists' use of "Human Shields" and for interpretations of the Law of War allowing nations to protect themselves against terrorist attack


Advocacy for religious freedom in the U.S., including the separation of church and state - as well as opposing efforts of the Organization of the Islamic Conference to restrict "defamation of religion, especially Islam" via the Coalition to Defend Free Speech


Energy Independence from nations whose interests are opposed to our own


Furthering Women's Empowerment - including through a Spring 2009 International Conference of Women and Justice in Washington, DC


The American Jewish Congress was organized to provide a voice at Versailles for the Jews of Europe whose lives were disrupted by World War I, and to establish a mechanism for democratic decision-making for the Jewish community here at home. More than 350,000 Jews from throughout the U.S. selected delegates to attend the first American Jewish “Congress.” Among those elected were such giants as Rabbi Stephen S.Wise, Judge Louis Brandeis, Judge Felix Frankfurter, and Golda Meier Meyerson, then from Milwaukee. At that Congress, Wise set forth principles that were unique for the time and that continue to guide us today: that Jews are entitled not merely to charity, but to justice, and that there exist fundamental rights to which Jews and men and women of all faiths are entitled.

We were the first Jewish Defense Agency to:

star  Support the establishment of a Jewish state;

star  Boycott Nazi goods in the 1930s—over the objections of most other Jewish agencies;

star  Pioneer the use of the courts in the 1940s to defend Jewish rights—at a time when
     others cautioned that Jews should not be outspoken. For that reason, and because
     great jurists (including Justices Brandeis and Frankfurter) have been among our 
     founders and leaders, we are often called:
“The Attorney General for the Jewish  People”

But we are much more than that . . .  

    We are outspoken advocates for the rights and interests of Jews here and abroad in the courts, the U.S. Congress, the Executive branch, state houses, and in foreign capitals throughout the world. With offices throughout the U.S. and overseas, we are an effective voice defending Jewish interests and advancing Jewish hopes, values, and aspirations.