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Jack Rosen


 Nazee Moinian

Dinner Chair

Leonard Blavatnik

Honorary Chair

cordially invites you to the 


2014 Stephen S. Wise Award Dinner




Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton

Stephen S. Wise Award for Lifetime Achievement


Wednesday, the Nineteenth of March

Two Thousand and Fourteen


6:30 o’clock



7:30 o’clock




110 East Forty-Second Street

New York City


RSVP: 212-510-8744 ext 202  or leadership@ajcongress.org


Business Attire

Stephen S. Wise Recipients*

David Ben Gurion

Leonard Bernstein

Bill Bradley

Charles Bronfman

Joan Ganz Cooney

Simcha Dinitz

Abba Eban

Abe Fortas

Arthur J. Goldberg

Nahum Goldmann

W. Averell Harriman

Chaim Herzog

Hubert H. Humphrey

Robert F. Kennedy

Teddy Kollek


Golda Meir

Walter Mondale

Peter P. Peterson

Bruce Ratner

Sumner Redstone

Bayard Rustin

Bernard L. Schwartz

Stanley S. Shuman

Howard M. Squadron

Adlai E. Stevenson

Harry S. Truman

Robert F. Wagner

Earl Warren


              * Partial Listing 

Nazee Moinian

Dinner Chair

Honorary Dinner Chair

Leonard Blavatnik


Dinner Committee**

Mark Appel

Bruce Blakeman

Benjamin Chouake

Morton Davis

Munr Kazmir

Michael Melnicke

Alan Pines

Eli Verschleiser

Vivien Weissman Howard

              ** In Formation 


Young Leadership Committee Co-Chairs

Avi Lieberman

Nicole Pines Lieberman

Elliot Pines 

Justin Pines

Daniel Rosen

Jordan Rosen


American Jewish Congress

The American Jewish Congress is a dynamic organization, with a unique perspective, a deep sense of purpose and the courage and tenacity to tackle crucial issues of concern to the Jewish community at home and abroad. Of high priority on our current agenda is challenging the BDS movement (boycott, divestment & sanctions) to delegitimize and isolate Israel, as we continue the agency’s efforts to bring about peace in the Middle East. AJCongress serves as a prominent voice in Washington and maintains its historic role in protecting and preserving the civil rights and liberties of all Americans. 







The Rosh Chodesh Project:

a day of action, a day of support


The Women of the Wall adopted Rosh Chodesh, the first day of the Jewish calendar month (dates below), to hold their prayer service at the Wall in Jerusalem.  There they gather and pray.  As the world changes and they become better known they garner more support from some and those opposed grow angrier.  But this isn’t just about religion, it is about (in this case) a woman’s right to be equal in prayer with men, to pray with the Torah in hand and wear a tallit. 

But if nothing else, the selection of Rosh Chodesh as their day has made it more significant to others.  As it now resonates, American Jewish Congress announces the Rosh Chodesh Project, which, on the first day of each Jewish month, we ask that you do something for the betterment of others, and in turn, help all of us.

AJCongress will not institute a way to do this or specific activities.  It could be as simple as holding a prayer service in solidarity with the Women of the Wall, it could be volunteering at a soup kitchen or putting together a group to work in a community garden.  The idea is that we do “this” with others, doing something reflecting shared Jewish values.

Send us photos of your project, your comments, your press releases and tell us how others can join in.  Let us know about your progress over the course of the year and how you and those you work with have changed.

We will feature your activities on our website (ajcongress.org) and together build a Rosh Chodesh Project that enhances our collective quality of life, with a Jewish perspective.

Organize with your synagogue, your place of work, your school or university, a sports team or community organization.  There are no rules, no limits and nothing is too big or too small if it adheres to one principal, that it respects Jewish values.

We look forward to hearing from you and posting your efforts on the web.

 For additional information email us at: leadership@ajcongress.org

Rosh Chodesh Dates:                                            Month:


July 8, 2013                                                               Av

August 6                                                                     Elul

October 4                                                                   Cheshvan

November 3                                                               Kislev

December 3                                                               Tevet

January 2, 2014                                                        Sh’vat

January 31                                                                 Adar

March 2                                                                      Adar II

April 1                                                                         Nisan

April 30                                                                      Iyyar

May 30                                                                       Sivan

June 28                                                                      Tamuz

July 28                                                                        Av

August 26                                                                  Elul



AJCongress At the Wall…a History of Support for Women

A recent poll “found that 64 percent of the secular public, 53 percent of the “traditional non-religious public,” and 26 percent of the traditional-religious public support the group (Women of the Wall). But it was unanimously rejected by the poll’s ultra-Orthodox respondents.” According to an article in Algemeiner, a news service.

In 1988, AJCongress hosted The First International Jewish Feminist Conference:The Empowerment of Women in Israel to address women’s rights.  As part of this conference of over 600 Jewish women from around the world, including former Congresswoman Bella Abzug and Betty Friedan, some went to the Kotel, Torah in hand and the birth of a movement began, now known around the world as The Women of the Wall.

AJCongress joined the Supreme Court case in Israel and has been on the forefront of this issue from day one.  Today we celebrate the successes Women of the Wall enjoy and we stand by them as they open doors for all Jewish women and women everywhere.

As the American Jewish Congress itself reorganizes, making itself more robust for a challenging world, we stand side-by-side with the Women of the Wall.  “Women’s issues belong to all of us and this kind of activism is essential if we are to engage future generations in Jewish life, fighting apathy and assimilation.” Stated Jack Rosen AJCongress president.  “We have to remain on the forefront of today’s concerns if we want to leave a legacy for those who will take on the leadership of tomorrow.”

 For more information and to get involved, contact us at leadership@ajcongress.org



American Jewish Congress Announces Changes

To engage young Jews, give them a voice and encourage them to be active in Jewish life, the American Jewish Congress has made a dramatic departure from the past and positioned itself as a force going forward. To address the challenges of Jewish life today, including assimilation, AJCongress saw change was needed and has taken a giant step ahead.

At a recent Governing Council meeting, the leadership voted unanimously for changes to the organization’s constitution.  By streamlining the governance process, setting up new operational guidelines and committee structures they have made the organization better able to respond to the issues confronting the Jewish community.  “These changes have been in the works for a number of years” stated Governing Council chairman, Herb London, “and now that the process has been completed we can focus on programming.”

With changes in the United States, from the demographics of the voting public to issues of concern locally, nationally and internationally, AJCongress recognized a need to reorganize and become a welcoming organization for Jews looking to have an impact at home, in Washington and in Israel.

The 95-year-old organization, founded in 1918, has updated its Bylaws, making it a more agile and responsive organization.  “One reason change came slowly” said Congress president, Jack Rosen, “is that we wanted to secure the American Jewish Congress’ mission while building an organization able to take on current challenges. We are ready to do that now.”

 People interested in becoming involved with American Jewish Congress should contact Robert Kesten at leadership@ajcongress.org.

70th Anniversary of the American Jewish Congress’s Rally
at Madison Square Garden

March 1, 2013 marked the 70th anniversary of the American Jewish Congress’s Rally at Madison Square Garden. There Congress's co-founder and president Rabbi Steven Wise, in front of New York City Mayor LaGuardia and New York State Governor Dewey called on the world to help and protect the Jews of Europe who were being targeted for extermination. Leading representatives from other faiths attended as did union leaders, other officials and much of civil society.  It was a big rally that ultimately fell on deaf ears and millions were murdered across Europe. Read more. . .



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